Costa Rica [told by photos]

What a wonderful, relaxing and amazing vacation. (And now that I am thrown into a whole new culture, city and language, I truly appreciate what a vacation it was)! I decided photos displayed my trip to Costa Rica better (and in a more time effective way) than words.

White faced monkeys greeting us on the way to the beach

Happy hour on the beach:)

Our beach puppy

Kathy & I at the bottom of Montezuma Falls

Hike to Playa Grande

Who knew airplants actually grew on trees!

“Classic” Costa Rican cow. I love the floppy ears

A coconut from the farmer’s market!

Bar rats at Cocolores, and watching Dalton win the regional championship!

All the pelicans hang on the end of the dock hoping for the fishermans scraps



Fresh sashimi from my black tuna

A very acurate description of the Cobano Rodeo

Hermit crabs were everywhere! And especially enjoy coconuts

Karina & I in front of an awesome tree

Collecting driftwood. Karina & I were super helpful

Vista de Olas… Best view of the sunset I’ve ever had

Hike with Maestro Jaime around Kathy and Chuck’s “neighborhood”

Pura Vida Pescado! A gift to Casa Lìmon

A Montezuma trip isn’t complete without some yoga

The tiny Tambor airport

Adios Montezuma!


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