Bienviendo Aventura!

It all has started. I am no longer in the United States and my huge adventure has officially started.

  image    image

I flew from Denver to Houston to San Jose to Tambor. Very long day of traveling, but getting to be here makes every second of it worth it. Besides I feel very fortunate to be able to take the 35 minute flight from San Jose to Tambor, versus an 8 hour shuttle ride that was almost the same price. Getting through the San Jose airport and to the Sansa terminal was a brand new experience. Filled out the forms and went through customs for the first time all by myself (haha) and it was an interesting walk to the Sansa terminal. You exit the airport, walk down the street, turn onto a very busy street, enter a fenced parking lot, and in the back in a tiny building is the Sansa airport. Lucky for me a nice man carried my bags and showed me the way… Definitely not in the states anymore :)

The plane was as tiny as the waiting area, but one of the most beautiful flights I’ve been on. Oh and my boarding pass was a laminated piece of paper.

image  to the sansa airplane! image

I landed in Tambor to be greeted instantly by Chuck and Kathy. We zipped back to their new, AMAZING house, where Luca and friends were working on an authentic Argentine BBQ dinner. It was a wonderful welcome party with the best seviche I’ve ever had (made from Snook), delicious fresh bruschetta, chorizo, grilled peppers and of course the Argentine BBQ steak. Needless to say, I was stuffed. So amazing to be able to come to a place and spend time with family and immediately feel at home. Can’t wait for the rest of the week which is said to include fishing, scuba diving, a rodeo, surfing, and of course more delicious food.

AMAZING seviche  Jorge & his amazing BBQ


7 responses to “Bienviendo Aventura!

  1. Man do we wish we were there!!!!!! We had a great time with Chuck, Kathy, Luca and all his friends last spring on our visit! We can wait to go back.


    • Thanks! Funny how I keep telling people stories about Txuri every chance I get .. :) give that boy lots of love for me! also gave dalton shawns information and he said If he has the chance to do more shadowing he will be the first he contacts !!


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