A Happy, Peaceful Moment

Laying in bed, in my cozy beautiful room.

Candles are lit, my windows are open, and I can hear the wind rushing through the leaves outside. Fall is swirling around outside and I cannot wait for it to get here. Every so often a cool burst of air comes through my window, refreshing and wonderful. I hear a wind-chime.

I feel so peaceful right now. Happy. Content. This to me is why I love the cold months. Candles, blankets, wind, rain, snow, coffee, coats, pumpkins… I need seasons. I love the changing of the weather, if only I could embrace the same types of changes in my own life.

Maybe its the knowledge that the season you just left will come back. It has its time and place in the year, and eventually it will once again become summer. That’s a good outlook for life. When things change, know in your heart that when the time is right they will come back, just like the season. And even though you might be leaving shorts, swimming, tanning, and hot days behind, there are equally and exciting things coming up in the fall. :)


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